Better Dads:

Dad Growth – Fatherless Daughter Edition

This course is designed to help dads build deeper bonds and more meaningful connections with their daughters and become better dads.

With this course, you’ll:


  • Learn how to be a better dad to your daughter
  • Learn how to create deeper bonds and more meaningful connections with your daughters
  • Understand where you’ve gone wrong in raising your daughter and how to change course

Your instructor


I’m Brandi Richard Thompson. I founded the Operation Growth Institute after publishing my book Operation Growth. Writing my story of triumph over self-doubt, trauma and fear helped me clearly see that there was a method to my healing. Many of the lessons I learned along the way could be replicated in the lives of others with some personal customization. As a life-long advocate for others, it made sense for me to create opportunities for others to experience and learn those tools.

The courses and instructors here are exceptional humans who will ensure you receive not only the information required to advance your life, but also the support.

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